Find out in just 20 minutes where you’re stuck in survival mode and what’s holding you back from thriving when you take the i-Thrive! Assessment.

There are very few things I would credit with changing my life.  I’ll share a few of with you below but while I have your attention, let me just say, doing this assessment was one of them.

For years, I barely survived the death of my husband.  Completing this assessment helped me to go from surviving to thriving in a life I could love again.

Are you merely surviving the circumstances of your life day to day…or are you thriving, no matter what?  What are you settling for?  Putting up with?  Tolerating?

With this one of a kind online assessment tool, you will know exactly how you are engaging with your current situation.

For those facing a health challenge such as cancer or caregiving for someone, learning how to thrive can have a significant impact on your present and your future.

What if a brief online assessment could help you…

  • optimize your physical energy
  • access your secret energy stash
  • reveal ways to reduce stress caused by worry, anxiety or fear
  • measure your potential to find peace and live an inspired life where you thrive instead of just survive

When you complete the i-Thrive! Assessment with me, we will get a clear picture of what keeps you in survival mode.  You will know exactly what’s NOT working and what you need to change to move through the fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Developed by the founder of iPEC, Bruce Schneider, PhD, this assessment generates a quantifiable measurement of  how you are engaging with:

  • yourself
  • others
  • the situations and circumstances populating your life

It also consistently reveals life long patterns that hold you hostage and keep you in survival mode instead of being able to thrive.  I believe that life is precious and everyone deserves to thrive.

I know that when facing a major crisis such as dealing with cancer, thriving can seem like an impossible goal.  That’s why I include a 30-minute consultation, to analyze your results and show you how you can make the shift from surviving to thriving no matter what uncertainties, fears or challenging realities you may be facing.

Package #1 ~ i-Thrive! Factor Assessment + Consultation

Complete the assessment plus receive a 45 minute private consultation to review your results and find out how you can thrive again.

To read about how taking this Assessment changed my life, check out my blog post “Salsa Life Lessons: Don’t Just Hope It Works Out.”

To purchase Package #1 click the button below!

Package #2 ~ i-Thrive! Factor Assessment + 2 x One on One Sessions

Includes everything in Package #1 PLUS get two 30 minute private sessions with Tambre.  In this session, we will identify 5 key elements:

  1. the ways you are currently engaging in life
  2. how to optimize your energy levels
  3. areas to reduce stress
  4. your potential for navigating the “new normalin an empowered way
  5. your path to fearless living

To purchase package #2 click the button below!

Package #3 ~ i-Thrive! Assessment + One on One Coaching Package – call 310.994.4043 or email me at info@coachingbytambre.com for pricing and payment plans

This package includes the i-Thrive! Assessment plus 10 hours of one on one coaching.  We identify the 5 Key Elements outlined above and create an action plan to move you from surviving to thriving.  Weekly accountability and unlimited email support keep you in action as you move toward a more conscious model for living.  We monitor your energy levels, work with stress reduction techniques and address the blocks and beliefs that keep you living in fear.

Email info@coachingbytambre.com or call 310.994.4043 today for pricing that suits your needs and goals.

What other moments changed my life?

  • My wedding day
  • Discovering my late mother’s addiction to prescription drugs ~ you can read this story, “The Other Side of Pink”, in Tarnished: True Tales of Innocence Lost available now on Amazon.com
  • Completing a workshop that saved my marriage ~ you can read about this in my guest blog post, Because I Said So

Our lives are populated with a wide range of experiences.  The i-Thrive! System will give you the tools to ensure you are able to generate as much peace and ease as possible, even when facing the more challenging moments.  Come thrive with me!

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