WELCOME!! Have you considered the possibility that no matter what circumstances you are facing, including the challenge of cancer, you have the right to lead an extraordinary life? What if there was a process to help you create this for yourself?  Are you ready for more? Scroll down to read my twice a week blog or click here to…In my own life I experienced the loss of my husband when he was only 38 to cancer.  I’ve gone through the challenges of being a caregiver and then a widow.  We can’t always change the circumstances of our lives, but we can make choices to help us move from powerless to empowered, from stressed and overwhelmed to finding peace and ease.  How is that possible?  Here’s how…

During those challenging times, I tried many different approaches and modalities to help me face my fears, let go of the past, heal from my loss and recover my passion for living.  You can read more of My Story here.

Some things worked, others did not.  I searched for a single paradigm to address emotional blocks AND my need as a doer to be in action about changing my life.  What I learned over years of research and experimenting is that there is…and there isn’t.

There is in that people who work with a coach often use similar tools and experience similar milestones.

There isn’t as unless the process is customized to you, it won’t work.

With Ice Follies as a Professional Figure Skater

I designed my own approach combining my background as a professional athlete, my training in the healing arts, my personal experience with loss and my coach training with iPEC.  I put all these things together to create a unique process you design as we go.



Gary and Tambre

My specialty is working with cancer survivors, caregivers and those going through major life transitions.

    The journey through cancer, caregiving, loss or other major changes in the circumstances of your life can be overwhelming.  The unknown is often a scary thing.  I understand.  I have been there.
    Today, I absolutely love my life!  It was the coaching model I designed with MY coach that made the difference.  And I believe when you are given the support and freedom to design your own process for your life you will love yours, too…no matter what!
  • Need help navigating the what’s next after you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer?
  • Facing a daunting life transition?
  • How would it feel to live up to your highest potential, no matter what circumstances you are facing?
  • What would it be like to move from fear to fierce?
  • What if you could go from merely surviving to thriving?

If you are currently suffering from low energy, fear or feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, then you are experiencing “the gap.”  Do a quick check-in and ask yourself…

Is there a gap between the life you are leading and the life you WANT to lead?

What challenge are you facing where the support of a coach would allow you to create new ways of thinking to resolve and grow beyond it?  Awareness is the first step in transforming your life…so congratulations on taking the first step!

Imagine what your life would look like if you worked with a coach to:

  • gain clarity on what you truly value
  • design long and short term goals
  • create an inspiring action plan
  • generate the physical energy you need to implement the plan and action steps
  • identify fears & limiting beliefs, then breakthrough them for good
  • identify old habits and self-sabotaging patterns, then eliminate them
  • make conscious, empowering choices
  • create a life filled with passion & lived on purpose

My goal is to provide others with tools, tips and insights to master challenges in their lives.  Contact me and let me know how I can help you.

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I am ready to make real and positive changes in my life.
I am ready and willing to overcome self-limiting behavior.
I am ready to create and take action to achieve my goals.
I am ready to achieve a sense of absolute fulfillment at work and in my life.
I am ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life.
I'd like to work less and make more.
I can benefit from someone who will help me to stay on track.

Success comes when you change wishing into doing!
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Contact me today about an introductory session to experience how coaching can support you in traversing the gap from where you are currently in your life to where you know you can be.

Coming soon - How might coaching benefit you? What is unique about the coaching by tambre approach? And much more!

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Article written by tambre

I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.