Each week, I have the great fortune of working with some incredible clients.  Their kind words may help to give you a sense of the process of coaching.  For a more direct experience, you can contact me for a complimentary coaching assessment.  Here’s what people are saying ~

About the coaching by tambre experience…

Marina Martinez, breast cancer survivor ~
Tambre helped me identify some boundaries for myself so that I could implement my wellness program. She has also helped me integrate some of the emotional work I had done previously but not been able to implement to make the real world changes.

Overall, I find Tambre to be a true light. She was able to really understand where I was coming from and help me re-frame my thinking in a way that makes me feel hopeful, light and positive about my journey.

Maureen Hunter, grief recovery coach ~
Before taking the i-Thrive! Assessment, I was procrastinating. I just seemed to have so much to do yet couldn’t quite get the motivation to do it or the clarity to make a clear path for myself.  Going through the private consultation with Tambre helped me create valuable strategies and get back into action.  I have more awareness now of my energy levels and noticing how they impacted on my capacity to do things.  Noticing my negative self talk particularly helped me create a positive shift in my thinking.

Michael Bloom, caregiver ~
Tambre is caring, genuine and skilled in a coaching process that is tremendously beneficial for caregivers.  She provides a supportive group forum that fosters caregivers to openly share fears, work through blocks, and work to create a vision of self-care and compassion.

Murray Jones, founder, TalkAboutHealth.com, caregiver ~
Thank you so much for being such a fabulous featured coach!

Robert Harrison, Relay For Life Manager California Division/American Cancer Society ~
Her fighting spirit and energy to provide a positive outlook on the situation and to overcome any obstacle is something all who interact with her are blown away with.

Gina Catenazzo, graphic designer, photographer, artist ~
I had the pleasure of attending a workshop held by Tambre. Not only was the material extremely informative, but Tambre herself brought a depth of knowledge of the subject matter and a generosity of insight, both from her professional and personal life, that left me inspired. There is something unique in Tambre’s ability to encourage confidence and motivate you to achieve your personal goals and believe that anything is possible.

Richard Berentsen, Art Director ~
When I came to Tambre for coaching, I had been out of work for nearly six months and was looking to transition from the film business which has been hard hit by the economy.  Together, we explored other options but she also recognized that my passion remained for my work as an art director.  Tambre helped me to improve my communication skills, my interviewing techniques and my outlook on the industry.  Within three weeks of beginning my coaching program with Tambre, I was hired onto a job for a major director.  My new approach and the techniques I learned in our coaching sessions helped me to stand out and from there, I was hired onto a series.  The ripple effect into other areas of my life has been significant.  In just three short months, Tambre helped me to turn my life around and I am back doing what I love.

Carolyn McDonald, Writer/Producer/Director, Artreprenuer ~
Upon relocating to Nashville to reinvent myself following a very successful career as a film producer in Hollywood, I found myself at a crossroads in my life, lacking confidence, unsure of how to prioritize my skills & talents to come up with an effective way to achieve success & fulfillment. Tambre wisely helped me identify my strengths, create structure, set relevant goals & take concrete actions to complete them in very supportive ways. In our weekly half-hour sessions, Tambre asks very pointed questions to help me see my own assets, holds me accountable to complete the goals I’ve committed to in a timely manner, and always helps build my confidence by highlighting my successes rather than shortcomings. As a result, I have established effective plans of action to manifest the clear vision of the life I desire. She truly has the gift of “restoring one’s soul.”

N. Lane, M. Sc.A Conservation., INTBAU Canada Coordinator ~
Working with Tambre as a coach encouraged me to lift myself out of a victim mentality and begin to make clear, responsible choices on what is best for me and how I manage my life. She helped me to clean up a lot of mess and distraction in my head, which was draining a fair amount of energy.

I am getting rid of the ambiguity and insecurities that have plagued my relationships with men for too long.  Relationships no longer take up so much head space.  I’ve re-prioritized what is best for me so as to build a more solid base that does not depend on others, and it has given me the courage to face myself, my fears and insecurities and be my own best friend.

As a result of the coaching I am more concentrated at work and have improved my performance. I also finally started to move a volunteer organization I run forward in a significant way.  Lastly, I am facing up to the way I manage money.

Without Tambre’s coaching, I would have been stuck in the same unsuccessful patterns that were seriously compromising my career, sense of self, relationships and finances.  It is a continual process where I practice putting the tools that I’ve learned into action but I am now on the right path.  I feel more confident and in control of my life and positive about my future.

Michele Jewett ~
Tambre was my Coach during a time of great change in my life.  Even small decisions were challenging and I felt like I was living in a fog.  Finding clarity felt impossible.  Tambre had a way of being with me that really invited me to step into my full potential – both challenging and supporting and always knowing my boundaries.  My coaching sessions with her left me feeling empowered and focused in a way I hadn’t been in many years.  I highly recommend her services to anybody ready to live a bigger life.

JoAnn Williams, Executive Coaching Consultant/Executive Services Corp. ~
Tambre is an amazing coach.  It seems to come so naturally to her.  She helped me realize something about myself I thought was a negative but that was really a positive attribute. This was huge and it was life changing in terms of the way I perceived myself and how I tackled my activities.  I am able to control the gremlin that impeded my production and progress.  Recently, I found myself stuck but just a single phone call from Tambre was enough to get me back in action.  She really helps other go forward with our dreams and goals. Tambre, keep up the good work.  You are so needed!

Mira Simon ~
I had the privilege of working with Tambre on a specific coaching issue. I was in a situation where I had to supervise someone who had quite a bit more experience than me.  I was intimidated and anxious as to how I was ever going to be a mentor and resource to this person. By utilizing various coaching skills, Tambre helped me recognize the experience and skills that I was bringing to the table. The result was that I felt empowered and excited to supervise this colleague and we developed a very exciting and productive relationship.

Debbie Andrade ~
Tambre- Thanks so very much for an amazing experience tonight on the call. It was so nice to reconnect with everyone’s energy and support. Thanks for providing me the forum to break through a big block that I have been struggling with! I look forward to the next one!! You are a true gift to all of us!

Venus DeMilo Thomas, Di Producer, Company 3 ~
I feel like I have all the tools to becoming a success after talking to Tambre. Her coaching has given me direction and she brings out a confidence in me that allows me to accomplish my personal goals. Tambre helps me find direction and equip me with tools to interview more intelligently. She has opened me to a new approach to the interview process, which has allowed major life changes to happen.

Just a few sessions with Tambre helped me to land my dream job as a post production producer after years of being in the film business.  The improvements I generated from her coaching inspired me to reach my life goals.

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