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A Healing Salve, A Story of Hope

I love featuring stories of people who have faced the challenge of cancer and created a way to make a difference for others out of the experience.  One such woman is Jean, the creator and owner of Jeans Cream, and a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Cancer is very personal to her and her daughter Lexi as Jean’s husband died of cancer a decade ago.  Today I have the honor of featuring an interview with Jean.

As a family, you demonstrate a commitment to and caring for the cancer community and strive to support them so many ways.  I was wondering if you could share a bit about your personal experience with cancer.

The diagnosis of breast cancer is such a traumatic event and the treatment that was recommended for me was tri-fold, starting with surgery, followed by chemotherapy and finally radiation.  Before beginning radiation, I was required to meet with a nurse to discuss the treatment and go over possible side effects.  It was brought to my attention that my skin would probably suffer from radiation burns. 

When I asked what I could use to prevent the burns or at least minimize damage during radiation, I was told there really wasn’t a product she could recommend.  She advised me to go to the store and look for a moisturizer. 

What inspired you to create Jeans Cream?

Personally, I felt abandoned and isolated by the lack of good products for someone going through the ordeal of radiation.  I felt compelled to create something for myself that would get me through my treatment with my skin in the best shape possible.   

How did you get started?

I did some research and together with my own knowledge of the benefits of certain vitamins and plants on the skin, I created a cream I could use during my radiation.  Upon completion, the doctors were very impressed by how well my skin held up during treatment.  In particular, one of my doctors said that there was a real need for a quality cream for use during radiation, and she encouraged me to ‘get it out there’.

Check back this Friday to read “The Healing Power of Helping Others” on the challenges Jean had to overcome to make her vision a reality and how helping others served as its own healing salve for Jean in her recovery from cancer and the loss of her husband.

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