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  1. Joe Cheray


    I couldn’t have said this better myself if I had blogged about it. You are so right in that we should use this as a time to cultivate positive seeds that will help us in this lifetime and for future generation. They always say that the best revenge is living well. I think that we as a country have not done all we can to rise above 9/11. We are still feeding into the negative forces that love to keep the pot stirred. We should be showing the world that we are better than that instead of stooping to the level that the terrorists want us to. They would love to see us fighting amongst ourselves so they can continue to prey upon our weakness. The divide and conquer mentality if you will.

    I posted on a friends wall over on Facebook that I do not care to see images of Osama’s death. I also don’t care to continue to speculate on exactly how the raid went down. He is gone it is a time for closure and for us to figure out where to go from here.

    Thank you for posting this.

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