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7 responses to “Salsa Life Lessons ~ Rising to the Occasion…Like True Champions”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    And, the trick is to never let them know.
    The second you hesitate is when you are vulnerable to change you don’t want.
    In business, you can lose the client or the moment you need to continue leading your followers.
    In dealing with your kids, they wonder if this is, indeed, the real deal.

  2. Roberta Budvietas

    Performance and real life I think are different. When dancing, especially competing, you need to keep going and reflect afterwards.
    In business and life, you sometimes need to pause before you keep going. The moment is the moment, you need to deal with whatever you decided to do

  3. Hajra

    The moving on quickly lesson is so wonderfully explained. I remember I was watching this Miss India thing as a kid and a contestant just twisted her leg and lost her shoe and fell flat on her face. We though… the end. But she stood up, shrugged it off and did a surprise expression and continued the walk. We thought she would be eliminated. She went on to become Miss World ’94; is now one of India’s leading actress and also features in international Project.

    Life comes with its shares of falls, how quickly are you ready to get over it!

  4. Lynn Brown

    I’m just glad she didn’t hurt herself. But appreciate the analogy Tambre that you share here …. when you fall or stumble, just get up and never, ever give up! Thanks for sharing the video, they are wonderful dancers!

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