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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

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  1. Michelle

    Nice post, Tambre — Excellent reminder of living life fully, without limitations or regrets. Inspiring, thank you!

  2. Jan Coghan

    Great article!
    These points really jumped out at me:
    – we are the author of this story. We either live by design or default.
    – If you fully embraced the responsibility of being the author of your own life, what kind of possibilities would open up to you?
    – to create a what’s next no matter the circumstance.

  3. Lisbeth Tanz

    While many might think this is a morbid post, it’s a good reminder that living consciously and in the present are far more important that we may realize. I’ve learned it’s harder to abdicate my responsibility since I’ve been a solopreneur. My life ebbs and flows based on the decisions I make, not some nameless entity that pays me every week. I work hard to not view my life with regret, but gain knowledge from the intentional and unintentional learning experiences that have come my way. My goal is to leave this life with a smile, warm memories and no regrets.

  4. Rhonda Neely

    Tambre, this is a great story that gives readers ambition to take control of their life. I heard someone once say, when you are gone, what will your legacy be? What will people remember of you? I think of that regularly and act accordingly to leave good memories behind. At one point in my life I did live by default, no longer! It’s the tough moments in our lives that should lead us to live a more meaningful life.

    with your permission, I’d like to share this article on my blog today. I feel it fits perfectly with bridging the gap of my theme this week and next week.

  5. maureen wielansky


    What a great reminder! We have the control because we can always choose our reaction and our attitude.

    I used to be the puppet but everyday I move closer to the master’s chair. Thanks for a terrific reminder

  6. Diana

    Hi Tambre,

    You know my story and I will definitely not be disappointed. It’s wonderful that you are sharing your story because it shouldn’t take something tragic for us to live our lives as an author. It’s not easy to be the author but at the end of the day, what you have created will be worth all the effort.

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