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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

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  1. Diana Simon

    Hi Tambre, yes there definitely is light in the darkest times. When I was diagnosed, I was even ,ore determined to love my life. I was worried about my operations and treatment but that didn’t stop me from living to the fullest. Oh yes, baby steps are important. Even today, anything I take on has to be baby steps or else it gets overwhelming and this means I am not enjoying the process.

  2. Jen Puckett

    I am lovin life! Thanks for the positive send off into the weekend!

  3. Kristen Robinson

    Thanks Tambre! Last year, I didn’t make it to he beach once last year. This year, I work half-days on Friday. This gives me personal AND beach time!

  4. Lynn Brown

    It really is all about inner self reflection on where we are at and where we want to be. Thank you Tambre for the gentle reminder and these are perfect questions to ask. I am enjoying life as there is so much to celebrate and be happy for!

  5. Maureen Hunter

    Tambre that is so true
    Even if the darkest of moments if we can take a window of time and use it to loving our life and doing some snippet of a thing that brings us enjoyment, the world will start to open up before us once more.
    I never ever thought I would be happy again after my son died, but now I can say I truly love my life and the gifts that his death has brought me. I started by doing something I loved every day, getting out in nature and slowly slowly, tiny steps my new life unfolded.
    Every day I look for what I am grateful for in my life and focus my energies on what I love.
    I love your money back guarantee – treat it as an experiment. You have nothing to lose!

  6. Hajra

    I am sort of hating my life at the moment. For many, many reasons. I am trying to “solve” it one thing at a time. But it seems to be working really slowly. Let’s see how things goes.
    Your post has come as such a happy weekend send off.

  7. sreekumar sukumaran

    A separate identification between mood swings and depression is required. Former most usual no treatment required, your inspirational words suffice. But latter more serious.

  8. Samantha Bangayan

    Tambre, I’m so glad to have come across your post through the TLC club. It truly has been a breath of fresh air. The news can be so filled with negativity that there’s not enough people reminding us that good and happiness in the world still exist! Your post has me remembering a teenage girl with cerebral palsy that I worked with a few years ago. She was one of the happiest people I’ve ever met! I think it’s a perfect example of the “ways to find beauty, light and love in the darkest times” as you say. =)

    Thanks for shining a lovely light on my week!

  9. Lynne Quintana

    I’m in for loving life. Your post really hit home with me. It’s almost like you were describing exactly what I tend to go through. And now I believe that when we see the dark side of life we always have to step back so we’ll realize how life can really be great. Thanks for sharing the post.

    Keep the smiles,

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