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i-Thrive! is a system of coaching focused on helping those who are struggling in life be able to go from surviving to thriving.  By applying the life coaching model, clients are taught how to:

  • identify core values
  • connect with their life mission
  • learn transformational concepts such as the four facets to be able to create more conscious choice and set meaningful goals
  • use the AIMSMART goal setting process to move outside of your comfort zone
  • decrease stress and anxiety created by change, major life transitions and the unknown
  • acquire communication tools and strategies including designed dialogues and intuitive listening to ensure better interactions and a higher degree of satisfaction with relationships, both personal and professional

For many of my clients, it took catastrophic illness striking them or their loved ones to receive their wake up call and make changes in their lives.

Their stories and their movement from feeling powerless and often a victim of the circumstances into thriving in their lives are inspirational.

It isn’t uncommon for them to share at some point, however, that they wish they could have found a different path from surviving to i-Thriving!

The more I write and speak about what I do, the more I find people are asking about what they can do now to make changes that reduce stress, help them feel more empowered, engaged and excited about their life instead of just getting by.

i-Thrive! coaching is for those of you who would say you are merely surviving and not i-Thriving!

You feel…

  • many areas of your life may be working, but something is missing
  • anxious or stressed
  • overwhelmed
  • as if you’re stuck, stopped or even paralyzed
  • you’ve got way too many balls in the air
  • you are spinning your wheels
  • once you have _____ and do ______ you will be _______
  • shoulds and have tos are running the show called your life

Each one of these feelings creates stress in your life.  It puts you in conflict with your goals and priorities.

When you are not living consciously and purposefully, it knots you up internally, blocking your energy and keeps you stuck.  Survival mode is all about just doing whatever it takes to get by.  There is no passion, joy or inspiration in this.  It is having a life, not living a life.

With the i-Thrive! approach, you learn about Living Your Legacy.  A legacy is not a check you write on the last day of your life, it is what you build each day through the choices you make and the actions you take.  Through my i-Thrive! coaching packages, I help you:

  1. Lead in your own life ~ this involves understanding the assumptions, interpretations and limiting beliefs currently stopping you from making conscious decisions and taking action to see results.  We identify your mission, goals and the what you’re really up to in life along with your core values.
  2. Live your Legacy ~ through the actions and choices you make every day, you begin to live in alignment with what actually turns you on and inspires you in life.
  3. Leave a Legacy ~ when you lead and live a life from this paradigm, you will leave a legacy of whatever gifts you have to share with the people, communities and issues you care about.

People sign up for i-Thrive! coaching packages to address areas in their life where they are clearly not i-Thriving! including:

  • career ~ reinventing themselves in their existing job, transitioning to a new position or career or dealing with long term unemployment issues
  • wellness ~ having the knowledge about making healthy choices isn’t always enough.  We use the Living Your Legacy approach to align your wellness goals with your life purpose along with stringent accountability to build your choice muscle until you have integrated the model and are meeting or surpassing your healthy living goals
  • life purpose ~ the thing most likely to keep you in action when life throws you a curve ball is being clear about your mission.  It is one of the main sources to fuel your actions and achieve your goals.  Investing in life purpose work builds a foundation to help you Lead, Live and Leave your legacy.  It also ensures that whatever your unique gift is, you become empowered to share it with the world.
  • more peace & ease ~ overall, things are actually good however you find yourself worrying anxious and enduring critical thinking that drags you down and holds you back from enjoying the wonderful life you’ve generated for yourself.

Corporate workshops and options are available.

Step #1 ~ sign up to take the i-Thrive! Assessment.

Step #2 ~ choose a coaching program to suit your needs:

i-Thrive Coaching Options

  • Private Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Living a Legacy Workshop ~ coming soon

Step #3 ~ i-Thrive!

Contact me for more details ~ info@coachingbytambre.com


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