Guess Who’s…

…Talking About Me?….

~ Thrive/Survive aims to create a portal community to enable real-life meetups as well as access to various medical and lifestyle resources.


~ A coalition of top cancer care centers, complementary/palliative mesothelioma treatment providers and caregiver resources.


~ Building a community of young adults diagnosed with cancer that provides information, support, skills and opportunity.  Read about me on their blog, “Get Some Advice From an Impartial Party.”

Guess Who’s Interviewing Me?…

Cancer Free Radio with cancer survivor Julie Joyce

Let’s Talk About It with host cancer survivor Darren Neuberger

Stepping Through Grief with host Maureen Hunter

Living a Legendary Life with host Atim Aki


Guess Who’s Publishing Me?…

Open to Hope – Series of articles on the healing through art and creativity.

Your Tango – General life coaching topics. – Three part series on Caregiving – Articles on general life coaching, energy leadership concepts – Over 50 articles on a wide range of topics including cancer survivorship, caregiving and grief recovery.

Kota Press – Series of four articles on healing, art and creativity with original paintings by Gary Wissner.

Young Money Magazine ~ “Credits to Credentials: Jump Start Your Career” article on successfully transitioning from university into your full time career.

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