Coaching for Cancer Survivors

My coaching options for cancer survivors range from my once a month No Fee Survivor 2 Thriver Q & A call to private one on one coaching packages.  Coaching is available to anyone in any time zone as coaching sessions are done by phone to save time, money and the environment.  Customized packages are available…call or email me so we can co-design a plan that works for you.

If you have been recently diagnosed or are struggling with day to day during treatment, I recommend you scroll down immediately to my #3 Emergency Rx i-Thrive! Package.  For those completing treatment and beyond looking to i-Thrive! again, check out Steps #1 & 2 below:

Step #1 ~ Sign up for the i-Thrive! Assessment

The first step I recommend to every client is to take the i-Thrive! Assessment.  This tool helps us to quickly identify what is holding you back from thriving and keeping you stuck in survival mode. What is the i-Thrive! Assessment?

  • a unique, comprehensive online attitudinal assessment developed by iPEC – 20 minutes
  • results identify the blocks, patterns and default tendencies holding you back from thriving
  • a 45 minute coaching session with Tambre
  • the opportunity to create clarity around what has been stopping you
  • a plan for a key action you can take to begin to shift toward thriving

When you invest in the i-Thrive! Assessment, because it generates such a laser focus for us to know where the opportunities are for you to break old patterns and take action, I will apply a significant discount to your purchase of group or individual coaching if you sign up for a program within 10 days of completing your assessment.  Contact me for details or to read more about how doing this assessment changed my life, check out What’s Your i-Thrive! Factor.

Step #2 ~ Choose a coaching program from these options:

1.  One-on-One Survive to i-Thrive! Package

Individual Coaching Package – 10 Hours  ~ call or email me to discuss individualized pricing options ~ payment plans available.

Package Includes:

  • Assessment Tools – prior to your first session, you will receive several assessment tools to assist us in creating the snapshot picture of your current life.
  • A Variety of Ways to Apply Your 10 Hours ~ To really kick start your program, you may wish to book a 2 hour intensive.  From there you can use your remaining sessions broken out as you please either into 30 minute sessions, 45 minute sessions or 1 hour sessions or a combination thereof.
  • In your first session, we use a number of tools to take a snapshot picture of current circumstances and then determine the areas you would most like to create significant changes. We set the framework for the work we will do together and cover the specifics of how the coaching relationship will work for you.
  • In remaining calls we will continue to set goals, uncover blocks and create breakthroughs.
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the package – between calls, clients can email questions, do accountability check-ins or get email support as challenges arise.
  • add an i-Thrive! Assessment to this package and receive a 30% discount off the regular price of $199.00.  Contact me for the discount code.  Not applicable to promotional pricing or already discounted prices.

2.  Group Coaching ~ 4 Week Sessions Packages

If you prefer to work with a community of others facing similar challenges, you can choose Group Coaching.  Being part of a group helps some clients to feel less isolated.  There is often a synergy that is unique to the group experience, a result of compound sharing ~ the effect of one person building on the issues, concerns and insights of the others.  It is also a very cost effective option.

Group Coaching Package – requires 4 week commitment.

  • Limit of 6-8 people per group.
  • Meets weekly by teleconference for 1 hour.
  • Runs for four weeks consecutively.
  • Includes unlimited email support.
  • Cost is $30.00/week.
  • Incentive program for individuals who organize their own group of 5 to 7 others – email me and ask for details.

3.  Emergency Rx i-Thrive! Package

If you’ve just recently been diagnosed or are struggling while going through treatment, check out my one month Emergency Rx i-Thrive! Package.  For most people, news that they or a loved one has cancer comes as a big shock, even if symptoms were indicating the potential.  The days, weeks and months following can be filled with overwhelm, confusion, fear and anxiety.  The one month Rx i-Thrive! Package works as an intervention to help you:

  • create a focused plan so you are empowered to ask the questions and make the choices you need to make regarding your what’s next
  • learn tools to alleviate stress so you can channel as much energy as possible toward healing
  • create empowering conversations wherever they are needed…with loved ones, at work, with your medical providers and/or insurance companies.
  • put you in the driver’s seat
  • address fears and concerns
  • generate strategies for assessing the potential impacts in areas such as finances, relationships, intimacy, body issues, spirituality, enjoyment and well being.

This comprehensive month long program includes:

  • a brief questionnaire focused on the initial phases of the cancer continuum ~ diagnosis & early treatment stages
  • a 1.5 hour Foundation Session to assess and then generate a plan to address high priority issues
  • 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions per week
  • unlimited email support between sessions

Contact me for more information and pricing.

Still need more information?  Check out my No Fee Monthly Survivor 2 Thriver Q & A Ask the Coach sessions.  For more information on dates, times and to register, click here.  I also offer a limited number of No Fee consultations each month.  Email me today to schedule yours.  In 20 minutes or less, we will help you find the support you need to begin to thrive.

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