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9 responses to “Turning a Hook Shot into a Win”

  1. Martha Giffen

    Sometimes just thinking outside the box is the game-changer. Love this reference to golf. I am married to an avid golfer and have had more golf lessons than the average bear! LOL So like the way you took this newbie’s tenacity to show us that it’s all really about the way you choose to live your life! Great post!

  2. Janette Fuller

    I love the story about Keegan Bradley ~ He really knows how to handle unexpected adversity. I spent all day yesterday on a golf course with my husband. He played golf and I was his “official photographer.”
    I am so glad you could find these “life lessons” in the game of golf.
    I also believe miracles happen.

  3. Roberta Budvietas

    Assumptions are dangerous and nothing is over until it is over. A well told story with a definite message

  4. Lynn Brown

    Great post Tambre! I love to golf and my husband and I enjoy watching the golf tournaments. It is so great to see the rookies win their first championships!

    Yes you can totally relate this experience that rookie Keegan Bradley went through to meet his goals and become successful. All your points are well taken. I might add to never think to far ahead of yourself.

    Really enjoy your analogy on this one Tambre – good job!

  5. Diana Simon

    Hi Tambre,

    I just love your posts and how you ended it by saying you still believe in miracles.

    You shared something that I am still learning and that is choose faith. Lately, I have had doubts but still moved on as I know the faith will get me there.

    When life lands me something I didn’t expect, I am now calmer and try my best not to react. If I do react, I am aware and take a step back to see how I can effective respond to the situation. Honestly, it’s easier said than done and it’s a matter of practicing to stay present and not be pulled into the whole drama. Anything is possible, if you want to make it possible :)

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