Article written by tambre

I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

4 responses to “Surviving vs. Thriving”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Some of us thrive from 9AM to 3AM, and survive from 6AM to 9AM. Others, thrive from 9 to 11 AM and survive (barely) the rest of the day.
    The key is to maximize the thrive, feel perfectly alive, and tamp down the survive…

  2. Samantha Bangayan

    So true, Tambre! I love how you describe “a more elevated life.” What a beautiful feeling to feel lifted up again! =)

  3. Veronica Campos-Hallstrom

    I am relating this post to people that I know serving in harms way overseas in the military. Their inital and continual survival modes should and can hopefully be balanced with times or self realizations that they are contributing to their own thriving self. Be it in the personal growth, confidence/proof of job performance or helping others cope.

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