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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

4 responses to “Part 2 “The Breast Project” ~ A Vision of Clarity”

  1. Diana Simon

    Hi Clarity and Tambre,

    Wow what a creative way of healing! I am impressed at what Clarity does and it’s a beautiful way to celebrate femininity!!

  2. DebbieWWGN

    I completely relate to Clarity’s statement that, “Finally, there is the human and artistic growth that comes from making work about something so personal, emotional and, in a way, risky.” Breast cancer led me to create – which was personal, emotional and risky for me. We have so much to express as a result of all that we have been through and continue to experience. Self-expression is a necessary component of healing, be it from cancer or any other assault to our self-image. Amazing work Clarity and what a wonderful interview!

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