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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

7 responses to “Oprah’s Lesson on Authentic Communication”

  1. Hajra

    It is hard for us to accept our mistakes; but it human to err and divine to accept and move on!

  2. Roberta Budvietas

    That line about think like a coach – I think many coaches I know may not think like a coach but more like an advisor – here is my opinion of what you should do. It is also a challenge to stay in the place of infinite love for many people, me included.

  3. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Not being a fan of Oprah, I have only seen her when her program was on rerun around 3 in the morning (when my other choice was “Your last chance to buy this kitchen doodad certain to end up in the bottom drawer somewhere.”
    But, counseling any terminal- or potentially terminal patient is among the toughest of positions. And, you are right- the only way to do so is listen, listen again, and maybe offer a suggestion for future action.
    Great share.

  4. PeggyLee Hanson

    A sensitive subject to be sure. Perhaps the main point is removing yourself from the equation altogether — i.e., coming from the heart, not the ego.
    I honor you, Tambre.

  5. Lynn Brown

    I relate to your good advice of support, love and compassion. It is what I learned from my experience with my dad. He didn’t want all the fuss or be the center of attention, but something told me, whether it was instinct or something else, to stay by him, give him support, lots of love and compassion for what he was going through.

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