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6 responses to “Fun is not a Four Letter Word”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    OK, Tambre- come on over to the other coast and see how the DC area celebrates the 4th! (It is SO much better than the little snippets they show on PBS).
    Seriously, though, I have mixed emotions from this holiday- my marriage came in with a bang- and went out with one too! (Yes, I was married on the 4th!)
    And, my youngest was born on the 4th!
    So, go 4th and celebrate!

  2. Hajra

    Hey Tambre,

    My sister lives in the US and her kids were explaining to me the “joy” of fireworks they are expecting on the 4th of July! The fireworks is their aha moment! Also, my uncle’s birthday is on the 4th!

  3. Janette Fuller

    There will not be any fireworks in SE Texas because of the drought, but I plan to attend a 4th of July parade….and have some fun.
    Thanks for reminding us to make the holiday special!

  4. Maureen Hunter

    No holidays here and no fireworks either – enjoy your 4th July weekend.
    Tambre having fun is something that deserts us when we are faced with difficult challenges in life and the loss of a loved one. Your post is a reminder that it is possible to enjoy and find meaning again. I especially liked the links to other blog posts that gave tips on how to do that.
    “Trying is a non action very” – love that. Might put it on my screensaver
    Thanks for a great post

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