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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

9 responses to “Dreams Into DREAMBEANIES ~ Part 1”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Great idea!
    I love it when a new product not only fits a desire- but meets a need to help people feel better about themselves!

  2. Roberta Budvietas

    And the best part is that it keeps the head warm and when the brain is warm it works better and I seem to remember that healthy brains beat cancer as often or in conjunction with the drugs. Sounds like a great innovation. Thanks for sharing

  3. PeggyLee Hanson

    What a perfect solution! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story on Friday.

  4. Cindy Murphy

    I love it that you meet such inspriational people who are helping to make a difference in this world. Love the name DREAMBEANIES and it’s cause.

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Eva Moses

    I myself am fortunate never to have been through the ordeal of cancer.I just wanted to say how proud of Kelly I am. I know how she anguished over this to get it just perfect. All I could say was “you go girl-you are the one to do this”. It’s a good feeling to be proud parent, and I am. Kelly’s mom.

  6. Sherry

    Kelly cares! Wonderful inventive product born out of compassion and love.

  7. Kelly Moses

    Thank you for the nice comments!! : )

  8. Lynn Brown

    This is an amazing idea! Thank you Tambre for sharing Kelly’s story. What a wonderful way to give back and help others to look and feel great even through difficult times.

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