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I help cancer survivors and caregivers to move from surviving to thriving.

4 responses to “Compassion…Pass It On!”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Well, I read his post and your post. And, as I said, it’s the old “walk a mile in his moccasins”. Thanks for the share.
    It’s funny that I have a similar post queued up this week. Must be something in the air (or is it the economy)?

  2. Roberta Budvietas

    What the human body can endure when the spirit and love is strong. Awesome share thanks Tambre

  3. Lynn Brown

    Amazing story and love your insight and advice Tambre! I love the show, the chef and ‘for crying out loud’ is something we said when I was growing up (in Michigan) so to see that as his title of his post just caught my eye.

    It is amazing how we together can help each other through some really rough times.

  4. Janette Fuller

    Hans sounds like a remarkable man, Tambre. His story displays real sympathy and compassion.
    We get so involved in our own lives and problems that we don’t notice the pain of others. Thank you for sharing this powerful story.

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